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Spacious, bright entrance areas create a representative space for welcoming visitors.

Hub Eight

The redesigned office campus features eight solitary buildings in a lively outdoor landscape design.

Tastefully designed with the future in mind

HUB EIGHT encompasses eight individually usable buildings. The new campus concept by the international architectural firm Powerhouse Company integrates the buildings into a lively landscape design with great sensitivity
and attention to detail in forms and materials. The perfect blend of tasteful design and a visionary approach.

What you notice about HUB EIGHT right away is its elegant, high-end natural design. Employees and visitors entering the complex find themselves in spacious, unconventionally landscaped entrance areas. A lively touch of green in the lobby picks up the natural design of the outdoor space. Tenants can place their company logos and signage in prominent locations in the en­trance areas and on the facades.